Roof Storm Damage

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you decide you want a Certified Roofing System inspection, we will return your call and/or e-mail you to arrange an appointment for one our technicians to make a full inspection of your roof. You do not need to be home when we make the inspection.

A roofing estimate is a price given to do a job and might describe one type of roofing system but with little additional detail. While a place to start, this should not be your only written document on the work to be done. A proposal contains Good, Better and Best roofing type options with pricing on structural issues and roofing systems. The proposal should include choices of products, designs, prices, brand names and services provided by the contractor so that you know exactly to what you are agreeing and what is expected of both you and the roofing contractor.

Does the contractor employ capable applicators to install the shingles? Does the contractor provide an estimate or a full and complete proposal? Was the contractor or salesman willing to spend time talking with you? Did the contractor or salesperson show pride and enthusiasm in discussing other….

That loose shingle may seem like no big deal at the moment, but how much heat are you really losing? The same roof since 1950? Are you sure it’s helping with the climate control? Fixing or updating your roof not only saves you money on potentially costly repairs, but also ensures you are getting the best value for your heating and cooling dollar. Our roof repairs not only make your home look better, they help it perform better.
Professional roof replacement not only saves you money, but leads to an increase in home value. A well maintained exterior, including a professionally replaced roof, improves the resale value of your biggest investment.
Properly and professional repaired roofs also increase the environmental standards of your home. A “green” home is more attractive on the market, and may also qualify you for tax incentives. Trust the professionals at Affordable Roofing to not only get you the best job at the best price, but also to maximize your return on investment for your New Hampshire roof replacement.
Old, leaky, damaged roofs are breeding grounds for mold and rot. Not to mention they allow for vermin to enter your home. Sometimes a simple repair isn’t enough. Keep your family safe and healthy with the best roof replacement in New Hampshire.


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Storm Damage Roof Repair New Hampshire

Between harsh, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, and storms that bring wind, rain, snow, sleet, and hail, your roof has a big job to do when protecting your home in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The elements are constantly affecting your roof.

From a windy spring day to a bitter winter storm, even the most sound roofs are subject to damage from inclement weather. But protecting your roof in Nashua and other local New Hampshire cities and towns from leaks and storm damage is essential to keeping your home safe.

Fortunately, Affordable Roofing can help you decide if you need storm damage roof repair or even a potential roof replacement for your property in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Is Your Roof Damaged? Signs To Look Out For

For some homeowners in New Hampshire, roof storm damage is obvious—water dripping through the ceiling or a tree limb that’s impacted the roof. But other signs of damage can be more subtle and harder to detect, such as:

  • Damaged or missing roof flashing, which helps seal water out of your vents and chimneys
  • Shingles that are missing, dented, or have lost their granules—the grainy, protective coating over asphalt roofing shingles.
  • Moisture spots or stains in the attic, ceiling, or walls in your house.

If you suspect your home has sustained moisture or structural damage as the result of a roofing problem, it’s time to get a professional opinion. Getting your roof checked after a major storm can help identify issues that can cause bigger, more expensive problems later on.

This information will make you a more knowledgeable consumer and, when the time comes, an Affordable customer. Carefully chosen, few investments can add more value to a home than new windows. It is important to understand that the true value in windows is a combination of beauty, thermal efficiency, and performance. That is why we sell and install only triple pane, thermal performance windows. Windows are looked at.


Taking The Next Steps To Restore Your Roof

Once you’ve gotten a thorough assessment of your roof from Affordable Roofing, we’ll make a recommendation based on what we find. Your roof may be secure, meaning we’ve found no issues.

However, some homeowners will need hail damage roof repair or replacement to completely resolve the damage. Our team walks you through the process of getting your roof back in order.

We feature cutting-edge roofing systems that are guaranteed to keep your home safe. We work with CertainTeed and GAF, two of the most trusted and innovative roofing manufacturers in the industry.


Why Choose Us?

Knowledge Of Local Weather

Inclement weather in southern New Hampshire often brings roofing contractors into town who say you need your roof fixed or replaced, especially after major storms. They usually ask for cash upfront or sometimes even create damage when inspecting your roof.

Trusted Reputation

Going with a local, reputable contractor such as Affordable Roofing ensures you’re protected with a licensed and insured contractor in your area. As an established roofer with a certified team, we’re more than qualified to perform your roofing work. We’re proud to provide dependable roof repair to restore your roof and protect your home.

Over 10 Years Servicing The Area

After a very comprehensive analysis we provide recommendations and options that will perfectly match your needs and budget.

Determining What Your Home Insurance Covers

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover New Hampshire roof storm damage. Many policies cover repairs or roofing replacements as the result of storm damage from hail, wind, and hurricanes.

Contact your insurance company or review your policy to determine what it includes. We can provide documentation such as photos and a professional report to support your claim, whether it’s the result of hail damage or a leak.

In the meantime, keep all receipts and proof of damage to submit a claim to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

While it may seem like hiring a professional is a costly proposition, getting the job done right the first time means cost savings in the long run. And replacing a problem roof as soon as it is necessary prevents potential further damage to other parts of your house and belongings.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your most precious assets are safe and dry, free from damage. Getting Affordable Roofing to perform your roof replacement in New Hampshire and Massachusetts as soon as you detect a problem will also ensure that you mitigate any further damage from unprofessional craftsmanship or putting off a needed replacement.

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