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If you decide you want a Certified Roofing System inspection, we will return your call and/or e-mail you to arrange an appointment for one our technicians to make a full inspection of your roof. You do not need to be home when we make the inspection.


A roofing estimate is a price given to do a job and might describe one type of roofing system but with little additional detail. While a place to start, this should not be your only written document on the work to be done.A proposal contains Good, Better and Best roofing type options with pricing on structural issues and roofing systems. The proposal should include choices of products, designs, prices, brand names and services provided by the contractor so that you know exactly to what you are agreeing and what is expected of both you and the roofing contractor.


Does the contractor employ capable applicators to install the shingles? Does the contractor provide an estimate or a full and complete proposal? Was the contractor or salesman willing to spend time talking with you? Did the contractor or salesperson show pride and enthusiasm in discussing other….

Over the last several years, Affordable Roofing has expanded our operations to include installing replacement windows. We pride ourselves on offering our customers cost-effective solutions that offer many decorative and performance options. We have options designed for the highest performance and energy standards with unsurpassed….

Installing new vinyl or fiber cement siding on your home is the most popular option for savvy homeowners looking to protect their homes for years to come. At Affordable Roofing, you’ll be able to choose from the premier siding products on the market that are also to the most maintenance free, and carry the most-comprehensive warranties.



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Roofing New Ipswich, NH Local Area Contractor

You love your New Ipswich home and careful selection went in to finding your perfect space. Since moving in, you’ve continued to pay attention to every detail from flooring to landscaping, so of course you’re going to be selective when looking for a roofing company in New Ipswich, NH. Whether your home needs a roof repair or is ready for a complete roof replacement, it makes sense to find a roofing company that has been the local area for more than 10 years.

Affordable Roofing has been helping customers in New Ipswich maintain a beautiful roof. Their intimate familiarity with building codes and neighborhood aesthetics ensures a hassle-free process every time. For roofing repairs, no one is better acquainted with building codes and what works best in the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire than Affordable Roofing.

When your roof plays such a vital role in keeping your assets safe, it pays to be smart with the right choices. Roof replacement in New Ipswich, NH begins with choosing experienced roofers in the area to do the highest quality job. Welcome to Affordable Roofing.

Roof Repair And Roof Replacement Services

Roofing New Ipswich, NH homes requires the same quality work and expertise Affordable Roofing provides all of its Monadnock region customers. New Ipswich roof repair also requires an understanding of the specific homes and the town itself. Choosing Affordable Roofing Contractors for your home means you’ll have incomparable quality and service among roofing companies in New Ipswich. But the other advantage of using Affordable Roofing for your roof repair in New Ipswich is that we are well versed in the permitting process that accompanies living in such a beautiful, historic setting.

Keeping a town as peaceful and rural as New Ipswich mean that there are certain town regulations. Roof repair in New Ipswich can be as efficient a process as anywhere else but choosing a company with experience roofing New Ipswich homes and negotiating the town’s permitting procedure will give you a smoother and easier experience. Choose Affordable Roofing for your New Ipswich, New Hampshire roofing needs and you will see the difference.

Choosing Roofing, New Ipswich, NH

The beautiful wooded country of New Ipswich, NH makes it in an exceptional place to live. You can experience all the area has to offer while having a perfect retreat to return to. We know New Ipswich, NH was a great choice for your home, and we also know that New Ipswich roof repairs and overall wear and tear are unique in southern New Hampshire because of home construction and the environment. We’ll give a free New Ipswich roof repair consultation to help you determine what your roof repair in needs might be.

You have a variety of choices for roofing your New Ipswich home. Whether you moved to New Ipswich to build your dream home, get out of the hustle and noise of the city, or enjoy its colonial tradition, your home is important to you and any modification, including roof repair to your New Ipswich home will be a well thought out decision. You have many choices when it comes to roofing companies serving New Ipswich, NH, but Affordable Roofing stands out when you weigh quality, experience and value.

Leaky Roof, Installation, Repairs, Replace

Affordable Roofing is fully licensed and insured to perform residential roofing, whether it’s patching a leak in your home or replacing the entire roof. Our team of professionals will keep the tone of your home and the style of your neighborhood in mind as they repair your roof. They will keep you up to date with the latest environmental standards and energy efficiency technologies that any roofing company in New Ipswich, NH needs to be versed in. No job is too big or too small for our professional local roofers. We love it here as much as you do, which is reflected in our craftsmanship and professionalism.


We pride ourselves in providing the absolute highest standard of quality to our customers’ homes. We want your roof repairs to be few and far between after we do your installation.

Providing Quality Service for Over 10 Years

When you’re looking for a roofing company for your New Ipswich home, look no further than Affordable Roofing. Our professionalism and experience mean that you won’t have to deal with any of the added stress or inconvenience of permitting or construction delays, the job will get done right and on time, and the material used and people installing them will be the absolute best – just like your New Ipswich address!

Reputable Insured New Hampshire Contractor For Over 10 Years